what did sidney do today?
what do the almighty sidney do today

today, the almighty sidney sat in his footie pajamas wondering how he ended up in the playoffs twice.

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I (bubbletuzzi) have work until Sunday, plus studying for finals. 

In the meantime, enjoy this:



Crosby on why he pushed Voracek’s glove: I don’t like him.

Reporter: Why?

Crosby: Because I don’t like him. I don’t like any guy on their team. ….. 

…. What did you want me to do, pick it up and hand it to him?

Source: letsgopens (gif credit)

Now here is the maturity we expect out of an NHL captain.

Pushing the glove away was childish enough, but that interview takes the cake.

You are amazing. Can I please marry you. This is the most perfect thing I've ever encountered.

this is all so sudden! i accept!

i am enraged

i am enraged

to be honest, when your posts come up in the Tracked Tag you look like... A Crosby Fan! I actually had to go to your personal blog to find out you weren't. I don't find this blog offensive if that's what you're trying to do you might want to change your approach.

the point of this blog was never to be offensive. we started this to satirize the league’s borderline obsessive coverage of crosby.

the posts are tagged with crosby because some of his fans see the humor in our headlines.